Developer Tool for Business Logics on the Business Bot Platform

Developing a new business logic can get complex quite quickly, especially if the underlying business process has a high complexity and places high demands on the business logic.

Thanks to the valuable feedback from the developers of business logics for the Business Bot platform, we have implemented a new developer tool that helps you to implement and debug new business logics more easily. The tool is available to you for free. We have put the source code of the project on GitHub so that everyone has the opportunity to add new features to the tool.

What features does the new developer tool have?

  • Invoke all functions the business logic
  • Access WebUI to configure the business logic
  • Developer UI is configure via properties file
  • Start a conversation with your business logic (without running a messenger)

How to use?

Setup of the tool is done in a few steps:

  1. Download and import this package in Eclipse (as project businesslogic.developerui)
  2. Create a new business logic project (e.g. project businesslogic.calculator)
  3. Copy template WEB-INF/classes/ to WEB-INF/classes/ in project businesslogic.developerui
  4. Configure DeveloperUI in WEB-INF/classes/
  5. Add business logic project businesslogic.calculator in your Java Build Path as required project in the project settings of the DeveloperUI project
  6. Add required JARs and project businesslogic.calculator to classpath of Apache Tomcat

Run the tool by following the steps below:

  1. Add project businesslogic.developerui to Apache Tomcat, then Run As > Run on Server > Finish.
  2. Open your browser and nagivate to http://localhost:8080/businesslogic.developerui/IndexServletDeveloperUI

Build business logic

Use the Business Logic – Creator to compile business logic projects. Once compiled, deploy the business logic package on the Business Bot Platform as documented here.


After the first experiences with our developers, we can say that the developer tool is very supportive in implementing business logics and saves a lot of time in debugging.

Would you like to use Chatbots in your company? Contact us, we are looking forward to support you around the topic chatbots in the corporate environment.

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