Build your Business Logic for the Business Bot Platform via Script? Here’s how!

A business logic is used to implement a set of rules for business processes. Once a sub-process has been implemented for the chatbot, it is necessary to consider how the deployment process will be realized. If the set of rules for the business logic is regularly updated, the business logic must also be regularly upgraded. Automation is needed so that the code and resources (e.g. properties files, images, language files, etc.) for a release do not have to be put together manually. Therefore, we created the businesslogic.creator project to build business logics automatically. We have published the source code of the project on GitHub.


  • Available on Windows and Linux (CentOS)
  • Builds a business logic zip file runnable on the Business Bot Platform
  • Checks for correct Java version
  • Download and setup Apache Ant to build the business logic package

How to use the script?

  1. Download project businesslogic.creator
  2. Put your business logic project into folder <businesslogic.creator>/git
  3. Run the compile script (compile.bat for Windows or for Linux)
  4. Check log output and compiled business logic zip package in <businesslogic.creator>/distrib
  5. Deploy business logic zip file on the Business Bot Platform

Run business logic on the platform

Once created, deploy the business logic package on the Business Bot Platform as documented here.


The tool is useful to build a business logic automatically via script without copying files manually. As a result, fewer errors creep into a release and new versions can be automated through the deployment process.

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