Business Bot Platform – Community Edition for FREE

The Business Bot Platform – Community Edition is the free platform version for chatbots and the ideal solution for the entry into the chatbot world. It is suitable for technically experienced customers who want to introduce professional chatbots in the company despite a low budget and still do not want to do without a well-engineered, solid basis.

The Community Edition for Microsoft Windows is based on Apache, MySQL and Tomcat and can be installed with just a few mouse clicks. The platform comes with a web-based administration interface and supports AI technologies such as Microsoft LUIS and TensorFlow without having to deal with the APIs of the various instant messengers.

The Business Bot Platform offers you the following features:

  • Support for Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger, Microsoft Skype for Business, Slack, and Threema
  • Web-based administration
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) support
  • Dialogue Designer for chat conversations
  • Pluggable chatbot applications (one-click installation of chatbots)
  • Ability to integrate external systems
  • Support for chatbot repository

Would you like to know more about the topic and how the Business Bot platform supports you? Learn more here.

Business Bot Platform

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