Digital assistants for the monitoring of the server infrastructure

In organizations, the monitoring of the IT infrastructures including networks, hosts, and services is common practice to detect technical failures and security-related events. With the number of IT systems, the monitoring tasks are increasing, so that a flood of information can quickly arise.

Why are short reaction paths so important in monitoring the server infrastructure?

For many companies, the failure of IT systems can have serious consequences for important business processes. The cause of the IT system failure is not always a technical failure, but can often be attributed to human error. Also, lack of maintenance (including missing security updates) can lead to technical failure.

If time-critical applications are operated on an IT system, the consequential damages are correspondingly high after a system failure, if there are no alternatives (e.g. Backup system).

A revenue loss and reputational damage can occur if the Web page, the web shop, or the booking system of the company are affected by the failure. It is therefore all the more important to be informed about a failure immediately and to take appropriate actions.

How can the Business Bot Platform help?

With the chatbot Notifier for Nagios and Icinga you will immediately receive information about the failure of the IT system via instant message. It is also possible to specify the order in which messages should be sent to other contact persons if a fault has not been resolved after the first messages (escalation management).

The chatbot Digital Assistant for Nagios and Icinga actively supports you in taking action via instant message. This allows you to query additional information and determine what action should be taken to resolve the technical issue.


It is important to receive information immediately to manage and control critical situations and react immediately to avoid consequential damages.

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