Develop Chatbots with Microsoft LUIS

The range of natural language recognition tools has expanded significantly in recent years. Providers such as Dialogflow (formerly API.AI, Speaktoit), Amazon Lex, Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson Conversation, are in direct competition on the market of NLP platforms (Natural Language Processing).

What is Microsoft LUIS?

Launched in 2015, Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) is part of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure. With LUIS, Microsoft offers a commercial tool for interpreting textual user input without the need for programming skills.

LUIS supports up to 500 intentions (actions identified in a sentence) and 100 entities (information that is extracted to fulfill the intended purpose). There are currently 12 different languages supported, including English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Microsoft LUIS on the Business Bot Platform

To achieve a positive user experience with a chatbot, it is extremely important to understand what the user wants. The focus of NLP platforms is primarily on language recognition. Obtaining information from a business system (through system integration) and the interaction of various infrastructure components such as directory services (who is the user?), Authorization (should the user use this service?), Security (should the service be used by that mobile number?) is not part of NLP platforms. However, the Business Bot platform provides this enterprise functionality for all chatbots.

LUIS has been fully integrated into the Business Bot Platform, so there is no need to worry about interfaces to LUIS. You can choose for each chatbot whether you want to use the integrated dialog designer of the Business Bot platform or using Microsoft LUIS. Thus, you can focus on the dialog design to give users the appropriate answers to their requests.

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