Deploy Business Bot Platform with Docker

What is Docker?

While virtual machines (VMs) isolate entire operating systems (e.g. Virtualization with VirtualBox and VMware), Docker isolates them at the application level. The applications are provided in isolated containers (Containerization).

Why Docker?

A Docker container combines a single application with all its dependencies such as libraries, tools and data into one image file, but does not contain the entire operating system. Therefore, it is to be understood as a lightweight virtualization and thus significantly leaner than virtual machines, which contain the complete operating system. Containers require significantly less resources than virtual machines, since they do not have to start a separate operating system and instead run in the context of the host operating system. However, the containers are isolated from each other and the host operating system, although not as much as virtual machines.

Deployment of the Business Bot Plattform

Docker containers are started from a container image that can be easily copied from one system to another as a simple file. You can find the docker containers of the Business Bot Platform on Docker Hub:

citunius/bbp_db (MySQL Database Server)
citunius/bbp_dbsetup (Database Setup)
citunius/bbp_app (Tomcat + Business Bot Platform Webapp)

The following video shows you how easy it is to deploy the Business Bot platform with Docker in just a few minutes:

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Would you like to deploy the Business Bot Platform with Docker? Contact us, we are looking forward to support you around the subjects installation, administration and chatbots in the corporate environment.

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