Chatbots for human resources

Employees are the most important resource in the company, because the skills and experience of the staff have a significant impact on the company’s success. The human resources department takes care of the management and support of the employees.

In addition to the comprehensive support, HR activities also include the personnel planning, personnel controlling and processing, such as payroll and retirement.

Can chatbots help to relieve HR staff?

This question cannot very well be answered generally. If HR processes can be implemented more easily, without the employee having to spend extra time, the use of chatbots can make sense.

A high employee satisfaction is indispensable for the company’s success. Employees expect from the company to get things answered quickly. A quick response is especially expected when it comes to simple and frequently asked questions (so-called FAQs). While a human resources worker sometimes takes several hours or even days to answer, a chatbot can give the right answer within seconds.

New employees often ask questions to familiarize themselves with regulations and processes in the company. Chatbots can effective assist and relieve the human resources. The newly desired time can be used for more complex HR tasks.

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