Instant Messaging with XMPP / Jabber

What is XMPP?

The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, formerly Jabber) is largely unknown among users of instant messengers today, although it was invented 20 years ago by Jeremie Miller. XMPP is an open standard based on XML compared to other proprietary message protocols such as AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ. Today, there are several XMPP-based instant messaging networks such as WhatsApp, Nimbuzz, ChatMe, and Kontalk.

Advantages of XMPP

The advantages of XMPP are best compared to e-mail. An e-mail account can be created with different providers. The exchange of e-mails between users of different providers (e.g. or works without any issues. With XMPP, this is the same as for e-mail, but for instant messaging. The same syntax applies to XMPP addresses as to e-mail addresses, e.g. An XMPP chat has the same basic features as other messenger services like Telegram and Facebook Messenger, but you are free to choose your provider. With an XMPP account you can write or receive chat messages to other XMPP users, regardless of provider, operating system and device.

Advantages of XMPP at a glance:

  • Open Standard (published by the IETF as RFC 6120, 6121 and 6122)
  • Free choice of vendor (a list of XMPP software can be found here)
  • Independent of operating system and device
  • Free alternative to other messenger services
  • Data protection friendly (because XMPP server under own administration)

XMPP on the Business Bot Platform

With release R2018 FP1829, the business bot platform also supports XMPP-based chatbots. An XMPP server such as Openfire can be operated under your own management (in the company) in order to guarantee a high data protection standard. The XMPP chatbot is set up in a few steps. In addition to text-based messages, the platform supports images and files between XMPP users and XMPP chatbot.

Chatbot in XMPP-Client Spark
Chatbot Dialog in XMPP-Client Spark

Would you like to know more about the topic and how the Business Bot platform supports you? Learn more here.

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