Conducting surveys based on instant messaging

For most companies, surveys of customers and employees have long been part of everyday business life. Whereas a few years ago the surveys were carried out by post and telephone, today they are mainly carried out via a link sent by e-mail.

Online surveys have long since established as a successful and flexible instrument of data collection alongside conventional methods of market research. In addition to cost and time savings, online surveys offer many other advantages: Greater reachability of target groups, higher response rates, numerous analysis options and user anonymity.

A professional online survey chatbot allow questionnaires to be created very easily and without preparation time by guiding the user through a clearly structured sequence of questions and offering the interviewer a variety of options for the most diverse survey projects.

What is Survey Assistant?

The Survey Assistant is a business chatbot that can be used to conduct surveys through various instant messengers. It does not matter if the respondent uses Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger or an XMPP client as instant messaging app. You can either choose and tailor a survey from a template, or create a new survey from scratch with any questions and answers.

Which features does the chatbot offer?

  • Template management
  • Real-time evaluation of results
  • Tracking of results
  • Different types of questions
  • Export of results
  • Different languages

Would you like to conduct a survey? Contact us, we are looking forward to support you around the subject chatbots and surveys in the corporate environment.

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