Chatbots with WeChat on the Business Bot Platform

What is WeChat?

In the meantime, WeChat has created a small parallel universe in the huge world of messengers. Tencent’s Chinese Messenger is now used by more than 1 billion people per month (1.08 billion monthly active users (MAUs) in Q3/2018).

For most users, WeChat Messenger is similar to WhatsApp. Users write and read text messages as well as share pictures and videos. Almost every company in China has an official account that it uses as an information and content marketing channel.

Which Account? WeiXin or WeChat?

WeChat is currently available in two versions: the Chinese Wei Xin and the international WeChat. This difference is crucial when registering a WeChat account to reach the desired user base. Only WeChat users can access the international account, while both WeChat and WeiXin users can access the Chinese account. In other words, if you are trying to engage users in mainland China, you will need a Chinese WeiXin account.

Does it make any sense for companies without headquarters in China to engage the issue?

WeChat is a useful channel when a company wants to reach Chinese customers and employees. However, to successfully operate a WeChat account, you should seek the help of a service provider or a Chinese employee, not only to overcome the language barrier, but also to consider the Chinese usage culture. If you already have a company registered in China, it is easier to register an official WeChat account, because a Chinese business license is required for registration.

Can I create Wechat Chatbots on the Business Bot Platform?

With the Business Bot platform version R2019 FP1908 you can now create professional chatbots for the WeChat-Messenger or configure the existing chatbots with WeChat without additional integration efforts.

Would you like to use the Business Bot Platform in your company? Contact us, we are looking forward to support you around the subjects installation, administration and chatbots in the corporate environment.

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