How can chatbots be migrated successfully? Migration in the corporate environment

Why is migration necessary?

In the corporate environment, chatbots are subject to continuous change because a single technology (e.g., AI, instant messenger, interfaces) is not long-lasting and is subject to constant change and growth. Since chatbot software has to be exchanged continuously, the migration has to be carried out again and again. Migration is an important process not only for advanced reasons, but also from the IT security point of view .

An outdated system no longer meets the security standards and security holes that occur can no longer be closed by updates if the manufacturer discontinues support. This, in turn, inevitably happens after a few years due to technical progress.

How can chatbots be migrated to ensure the latest security standards and provide new features and functionality? First, a distinction must be made between the migration of the chatbot platform and the migration of chatbots. While the chatbot platform provides the basic functionality (e.g. user management, security, instant messenger channels), the chatbot takes care of the business logic. Many chatbot platforms show weaknesses especially during migration and should therefore be considered when selecting and introducing a chatbot platform.

Migration of the Chatbot Plattform

Chatbot platforms often do not offer a migration path, so that a new installation and manual data transfer are necessary. With a little luck you will find providers that at least offer tools that support the migration, but do not perform the migration fully automatically and proactively. Expert knowledge and manual work are then required.

The Business Bot platform follows a fully automated approach, whereby an assistant proactively performs the migration during the installation/upgrade. The wizard automatically recognizes an old version and performs the migration independently, without manual effort. Customers can use the Business Bot platform with different databases. For example, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgresSQL are supported.

Overview of migration features of the Business Bot platform:

  • Supports fully automated and proactive migration
  • Migration with different databases (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgresSQL)
  • Migration is supported by a web-based wizard
  • Rollback support for incorrect migrations

Migration of Chatbots

Once the chatbot platform has been migrated, all chatbots must also be updated. It must be ensured that all chatbots are compatible with the new platform. The homogenisation of chatbots over an isolation level makes chatbots independent of the chatbot platform, which reduces the complexity of the migration.

Here, the abstraction of the basic platform services used by the chatbots is crucial. For example, the abstraction of instant messenger channels by the chatbot platform, rather than the implementation of each chatbot separately.

The Business Bot platform not only provides the isolation layer, but also a central chatbot repository that can be used to update all chatbots with a single click. The individual configurations of the chatbots are also retained. The platform then takes care of questions such as compatibility and operation.

Overview of migration features for chatbots:

  • Isolation layer for chatbots to reduce migration efforts
  • Central repository with versioned chatbots
  • Take-over of the individual chatbot configurations
  • Compatibility check
  • One-click update of chatbots

What are the Benefits for Customers?

The following advantages can be derived for customers:

  • Cost-effective migration
  • Low cost and time expenditure
  • Minimal impact on business and employees
  • Business continuity through security mechanisms

Would you like to use the Business Bot Platform in your company? Contact us, we are looking forward to support you around the subject chatbots in the corporate environment.


  1. Hello, our company providers Natural Language Generation for chatbots and sometimes customer chatbots. Can you share more information on this blog item for migration? Are you talking about migrating from one chatbot platform (RASA, Watson etc) to your Business Bot or something else.
    Second question is, would you be interested in trying our utterance generation for your client demos/PoCs etc ? it is in English only right now however the first 2 projects are free generation services.
    Can you come back to me, especially on the first point above about migration – thank you !

    1. Thanks for your questions. We are currently developing a migration tool to migrate 3rd parties chatbots to the Business Bot Platform. We will provide new updates about this point in our blog and/or newsletter.

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