Introducing chatbots in the corporate sector

For many years, companies have attempted to use chatbots as an essential method for internal and external business activities. Traditional business workflows have evolved to integrate more chatbots into business processes to make processes more efficient.

Companies that have been resolutely committed to a consistent digital transformation for many years are already successful in the market and have identified new growth opportunities and secured competitive advantages through leaner processes. Chatbots are not only a short-lived trend, but also a disruptive technology which is continuously being introduced into more divisions within the company. The objective here is to identify meaningful use cases and to create added value for customers and employees.

The launch of business chatbots into various business areas has had an enormous impact on the productivity of the company. Without an administrative framework, there was a rapid uncoordinated and uncontrolled growth of chatbots. Chatbots that supported different instant messengers, spoke different languages, provided different levels of security and were implemented in different programming languages could quickly become very costly and maintenance-intensive.

The way in which chatbots were developed did not follow any particular template or standardized process. Chatbots were mostly developed by smaller development teams for specific legacy systems as isolated solutions. Without standardized methods, this practice quickly led to problems because it did not provide an overview of security standards, communication channels, or centralized control of chatbots. Security updates were often developed for individual chatbots rather than for all chatbots.

To solve the problems described, companies need to follow a generic approach for the development of chatbots. A standard that enables the provision, control and operation of chatbots. A standardized process can be fulfilled by a chatbot platform such as the Business Bot Platform. The Business Bot Platform provides a harmonised standard for the creation, management and administration of chatbots for different instant messengers and ensures a very high level of security for all chatbots.

Would you like to use the Business Bot Platform in your company? Contact us, we are looking forward to support you around the subject chatbots in the corporate environment.

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