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How to use OpenNLP models for your Business Chatbot on the Business Bot Platform?

Apache OpenNLP is a machine learning based library for processing natural language text. The library includes a toolkit to support processes such as sentence segmentation, portioning, tagging, parsing and coreference analysis. These tasks are usually required to build more advanced word processing services for chatbots.

OpenNLP provides a variety of pre-built models for the tools for different languages. The library also contains components to train and evaluate custom models. Custom NLP models are mostly used when pre-trained models are not available for a desired language, cannot recognize important entities, or the performance is not good enough outside the message area. These are the typical reasons for an individual training of the custom model on a new corpus or on a corpus that is extended with private training data from the data to be analyzed.

The Business Bot Platform uses the power of OpenNLP and simplifies the use of pre-built and custom NLP models. With release R2020 FP2040, NLP models can be downloaded or added with few mouse clicks. The NLP models are immediately ready for use and can be used by any chatbots on the platform for word processing.

Add OpenNLP models to Business Bot Platform

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